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About Us

Our company who entered in professional business worldwith hand weaving carpet production in early 70s included carpet cleaning worksin its service range upon intense demands from the customers in 80s. Ourcompany which knows through visionary viewpoint that provides identity to ourinstitution that it will be one of the business lines of the future andincreases its investments in this regard has made technological investments. Dueto the fact that carpet cleaning costs were not economical in that period andfor the purpose of performing higher quality production in conformity withcustomer expectations, models containing state of art technology of the sectorwere used.

Our company started to produce carpet washing machines in early 2000s as a result of knowledge accumulationbegan to perform industrial production and carried its quality line to a stepfurther. New machine models were designed and mass production was started inorder the carpets to be cleaned economically and with high quality. Modelsproduced received demand both in the homeland and abroad and serves asreflection of our principles of maximum efficiency with minimum cost.

Hayıkama who offers professional solutions inindustrial carpet washing systems has become one of the leader brands of thesector within a short time. Our institution who produces state of arttechnology machines that lower energy and workmanship costs in the carpet washing sector and optimize service quality has adopted anunderstanding of prioritizing customer satisfaction from the very beginning.

Hayıkama which produces automatic carpet washing machines,carpet wringing centrifuges, fluff receiving and packaging machines, carpet dustingmachines succeeded in being discriminated in its sector as a brand producing technologyrather than using technology.

Hayıkama who produces solutions to the problems of thewashing sector and offers consultation and training services in this field throughmachine production and sale is proud of being a significant solution partner.Our brand that offers newest and most developed products in world standards toits customers completely with its competent personnel offers higher thanexpected and increases the value it adds to the employees.

Our institution which plays an active role in R&Dworks and which is leader in its sector in this field succeeded in being thesymbol of quality for approximately 45 years and tried to deserve trust ofcustomers.