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Guarantee an Service


1. All models are guaranteed for 1 (one) year againstproduction errors.
2. Our machines are guaranteed for 5 years in terms ofkeeping spare part and service support.
3. In the services to be provided within the scope ofguarantee (in the first one year), only travel, accommodation and food costsshall be collected from the customer.
4. All costs arising at the end of guarantee period orin the maintenance of failures not within the scope of guarantee (accommodation,travel and food, material, workmanship etc.) shall be borne by the customer.
5. Service demands have to be reported to the serviceofficial as soon as possible.
6. After a service demand, intervention shall be madewithin 48 hours (2 days) in demands within the city and within 168 hours (7 days)outside the city. And for the service demands from abroad, failure ormaintenance shall be intervened within 360 hours (15 days) in the case visa andother processes are available.


1. Expiration of the guarantee period
2. False use
3. Ignoring the problems that arose or may arise
4. Use with insufficient knowledge
5. Failure to fulfill maintenance requirements in timeand/or fully
6. Exceeding the allowed capacity
7. Use by any person other than trained and authorizedoperator
8. All sorts of problems arising during transport orshipment
9. Failures arising from inconvenience of the electricitynetwork in the assembly place, insufficient grounding or lack of grounding andvoltage fluctuations
10. Failures arising from inconvenient use ofcompressor
11. Failures arising during installations,maintenances or displacements performed without informing the manufacturercompany
12. Failures arising from inconvenience of the workingbuilding, ground and ambient conditions
13. Failures arising due to unhealthy personnel (alcohol,drug and similar substance use)
14. Operating the machine without performing placementsetting
15. Use of tool kits suitable for the machine
16. Damages arising in the machine with the effect ofexternal factors (flood, fire, earthquake, vehicle crash etc.)
17. Damages arising electrical motors and electricity failures
18. Failures arising from failure to grease ourgreasing points in time and sufficiently in the user’s manual


1. Our company is not responsible for failures arisingfrom demounting of the protection equipment on the machine and injuries anddeaths arising therefrom.
2. Carpets should not be given to the machine in anyform and direction other than those demonstrated in the training.
3. Failures arising from giving two or more carpetsone after the other as folded are not included in the scope of guarantee.
4. Press settings should be performed according to thetype of the carpet.
5. Failures arising as a result of drilling holes andwelding in the machine trunk are not included in the scope of guarantee.
6. Failure to perform sufficient cleaning timely maylead to failure in the machine.