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Machine Selection Criteria


In order to obtain high efficiency fromthe carpet washing machine that you will purchase for your business, it iscrucial to select correct machine. Machines purchased considering machineselection criteria enables you to create difference in your service andprovides money and time saving.


The issue to be considered whilepurchasing machine first of all is the dimensions of the machine.Carpet washingoperatorshould act according to two criteria while deciding about the dimensions of themachine it will purchase. The first criterion is that the area in which the machine will beinstalled and operated is with a width that will allow one to move freely aroundthe machine.

The operator should be able to more freely while taking carpet fromthe pool and giving the same to the machine or which taking the rolled carpetbehind the carpet. And the second criteria is the width of the carpets washedby the business. For example, the carpet type most frequently used under theconditions of Turkey is 2x3 namely 6 square meters carpet. If 90% of thecarpets washed by the business carpets washed by the business is with thesedimensions, machine with a width of 2.30 meters is the correct selection forthis business.

The businesses the percentage of wide carpets washed by which ishigher than 10% or the businesses which will not make discrimination of widthwhile giving the carpets to the machine should prefer machines with a width of2.88 meters. This sort of machines move on narrow axis automatically whennarrow carpet comes and provides saving. The same criteria apply to carpet wringingcentrifuges as well. Machine with a length that will respond the width of the carpetshould be preferred.


Technical specifications of themachine are the other issue to be considered. If the infrastructure of thebusiness including electricity, water and air fail to respond the requirement of the machine, infrastructureworks that would respond suitable conditions should be performed. Water and electricity consumption ofthe machine should be questioned as well. The conditions that structural systemof the machine being multi parts or single part integration and transport conditions should be takeninto consideration. (Note: The automaticcarpet washing machinesproduced by our company arecreated through integration of modular systems on the chassis. E.g. Preliminarywashing module, main washing module, rinsing module, vacuum module. Thosemodules may be added subsequently, namely our machines may be developed.)


Capacity and speed in carpet washing machinesshould be suitable for daily capacity of the business. If the business washeswash daily average 500 m² carpet, a machine with 4 brush rinsing and vacuum modulewill be sufficient for the business. And since band speed shall be used higher ina business with a capacity of 1000 m² and higher carpet washing capacity amachine with 8 brush rinsing and vacuum module is more suitable. Those factorsshould be considered in terms of providing higher qualitycarpet washing. At the same time technical specifications of themachine are significant for quality of the washing process as well. Forinstance brush pressure of the machine, (for carpets of any width) brushbristle hardness and angle, method of water and detergent provision of the machineetc. (given from the center and outside of the brush).


Guarantee period of the machine shouldbe learnt and certificate of guarantee should be received. Information onservice and guarantee conditions should be received. In the case of any failurein the machine, period oftechnical supportand service is significant. In addition to purchasing machine ability topurchase spare part and service when needed is one of the factors to beconsidered in decision stage as well.