F Series Washing Machine (320cm - HYM 338-F)

F Series Washing Machine (320cm - HYM 338-F)

Main Specifications

• First brushing unit with 4 brushes
• Second brushing unit with 4 brushes
• High pressure rinsing unit
• Vacuum unit
• Upper combing brush
• Down combing brush
• Rolling unit
• Stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized chassis
• Ability to wash all types of carpets
• Speed control operating system
• Fragmental conveyor belt system that prevents belt stell
• PLC control system that provides detergent, electricity and water conservation
• Touch screen panel control
• Automatic detergent and water pump system
• Pneumatic brush pressure system


Max. Carpet Width 320 cm

430x410x240 cm

Weight 3500 kg
Washing Capacity 180 m²/h
Number of Brushes

8 pcs disc brushes
2 pcs combing brushes
1 pc down cylindrical brush
1 pc upper cylindrical brush

Engine Power 18 kW

3 phase / 380 V / 50 Hz

Touch Control Panel
Speed Control
Electronic Sensor System
Detergent Tank
Automatic Detergent Pump System
Carpet Trolley
Rolling System


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